Wedding Cake & Favour Consultation box

Wedding Cake & Favour Consultation box


Our Cute Consultation Boxes

Choose three from the delicious options below: 

2x Classic Vanilla with Madagascan Vanilla buttercream and Raspberry Compote.
2x Zesty Lemon with zingy lemon Curd and Madagascan Vanilla buttercream.
2x Chocolate with a Salted caramel frosting.

2x Chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting. 
2x Red velevet with a Madagascan Vanilla buttercream.
2x Carrot cake with Madagascan vanilla buttercream


Completmeneted with 2 guest favour options in your chosen wedding colour pallet, If you would like to taste a specific guest favour please do let us know. 


Can't see what you are looking for? Choose a sponge and a filling and email us for your very own custom box.

  • Things you need to know..

    Before Ordering

    1. We can only deliver Cakes within a 40 minutes max journery from our studio.. Cakes get very car sick, They hate to travel far. We need to guarentee they arrive in perfect health. 
    2. Check we have your date available. 
    3. Let us know what colour pallet your wedding will be so we can include these into your personalised box. 
    4. Be aware that the guest favour samples included in your box will vary in colour depending on the colour pallet of your wedding. 
    5. Please do make us aware of any food allergies or specific dietry requirements. 

    After Ordering

    1. Your personal Consultation box will be delivered on Next day Tracked delivery to guarentee it's super fresh for you! 
    2. Delivery maybe a few days after your purchase to prepare the fresh favours and samples in your chosen pallet. 
    3. The cost of your Consultation box includes the consultation fee. This covers all online cake discussions and communication around designing your cake/favours.